If you are either an acoustic guitar player who wants to take on something new or a newbie who is not sure if electric guitar will be a good match, you are in the right place, my friend. Though this blog might be a little subjective due to my own preferences, I will try to provide you with some facts that cannot be deteriorated with personal bias. So today we are going to talk about 5 reasons to get an electric guitar and if those do not convince you to grab this fancy piece of musical equipment, I do not know what will. Let’s begin!


Listen to that inner voice no matter what

If you are someone who has always been fascinated by renowned guitar virtuosos who perform magic on their electric guitars, getting an acoustic guitar will be nothing but frustration. Even though you can make it work in many cases, that does require a certain level of craftsmanship (which you will not have as a beginner). The most important reason to get an electric guitar is that inner voice which dictates what is the best fit for you. Yeah, I am actually telling you that you should get an electric guitar just because you want to. Many amateurs and professionals will tell you that acoustic guitar is better for learning the basics, however, you can do all of that with electric guitar as well. You just have to start slow and keep working harder and harder. And one day, you will be closer to your dream than you would have ever imagined.


The ability to practice by yourself

When you are just starting out, mastering the skills of playing guitar require daily work. You have to spend some time every day in order to let those muscles stretch and get accustomed, your soft fingers to get a bit rougher and basically to learn the chords and make them sound good. More often than not, you will not have time for that during the day which leaves late hours open for practice. That can be a big issue if you live with your family. Electric guitars and amps give you the ability to modify the volume and rehearse without bothering anyone. Some practice amps do also have the headphone outputs which allow you to play in complete silence. And even if that is not a problem for you, rehearsing by yourself spares you from embarrassment and encourages you to make mistakes and learn on them. This is a luxury the majority of acoustic guitar players cannot afford.

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Extensive sonic options

Electric guitars offer various different sounds to experiment with. You can stay clean and nail those pristine tones or you could enter the distorted territory and try out some subtle crunch or heavy metal mayhem. As you work your way into the world of audio effects, you can basically create any desired sound. This is easily achievable with your amp or some pedals. An acoustic guitar (unless it is an acoustic-electric one) does not have that much versatility or flexibility. The fact, that electric guitars are extremely diverse, is undeniable.


Can dictate your direction

This one is more of an extension to the previous reason, but its importance forced me to mention it separately. The versatility of electric guitar will help you choose the musical direction you may follow in the future. Once you have experimented with almost every sound out there, you will have an idea of what you like and loathe. This will gradually help you develop as a musician and shape the path you will follow.


Easier to play

Before you come at me screaming that I am wrong, let me explain: electric guitars are easier to play due to their slimmer bodies, thinner necks and softer strings. When you are a beginner, it is really hard to adjust to the bulky acoustic guitar. This is probably the most subjective reason for getting an electric guitar, but it is not too far from reality. If you get the proper setup, nothing will stand in the way of mastering your instrument. And since we are talking about the bodies, I have to say that electric guitars are way more diverse in terms of design.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to splurge for something that inspires you. Electric guitar makes my heart beat faster every time I think about the pieces I can create with it. It awakens my creativity and always pushes me to work harder and experiment more and more. The versatility was the very reason why I fell in love with this instrument in the first place. Though your reasons might be different from what I have listed above, I encourage you to get an electric guitar and just try it out. Good luck!

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